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A native of New York City, Martin Land received a BA in Physics from Reed College in Portland, Oregon in 1977, an MS in Electrical Engineering from Columbia University in New York in 1979, an MS in Physics from Hebrew University in 1986, and a PhD in Physics from Tel Aviv University in 1996. He has been active in computer hardware engineering and networking since 1975, developing fiberoptic networks at Bell Laboratories and parallel computing platforms at Hebrew University. He joined the faculty of Hadassah College in 1997. He teaches courses in computer architecture, microprocessors, networking, and embedded systems. He serves as president of the International Association for Relativistic Dynamics (IARD).

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Computer Networks and Architectures, Foundations of Electromagnetism, Relativistic Quantum Theory, The Problem of Time, Social Impact of Computing Technology and Responsible Computing Platforms, Critical Theory

Recent Conference Talks

Speeds of Light and Mass Stability in Classical Electrodynamics IARD 2016
The Particle as a Statistical Ensemble of Events in SHP Electrodynamics ECEA 2016
Mass-Energy-Momentum Radiation in Stueckelberg-Horwitz-Piron (SHP) Electrodynamics IARD 2018
Local Metric with Parameterized Evolution STARS 2019


Jonathan Boyarin and Martin Land, Time and Human Language Now
Shai Ginsburg, Martin Land and Jonathan Boyarin, Jews and the Ends of Theory

International Association for Relativistic Dynamics (IARD)
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